WHAT: Each year, Pastor Rob Cruver from Zarephath Christian Church takes a special offering on Orphan Sunday to benefit the work of Miriam’s Heart. In addition to the special offering. Miriam's Heart is working with the State of NJ to collect backpacks and supplies for children in Foster Care. The ZCC Main Campus collection starts October 2nd.This collection is a Zarephath Christian Church-wide collection that will occur at both campuses. (For information on the Flemington Campus Collection Click Here) 


Zarephath Christian Church Main Campus collection starts Oct 16 I ZCC Flemington collection starts Oct 9

Zarephath Main Campus ends on Orphan Sunday Nov 6 I ZCC Flemington Campus ends on Orphan Sunday Nov 13

WHY:  There are over 930 children being served by the Somerset and Hunterdon County offices and approximately 6,800 children being served by NJ Foster Care. There is a growing number of families within Zarephath Christian Church being moved to #TakeAction on behalf of children in foster care. This is an opportunity to stand with NJ's children and show them God's love!


1. Purchase a new bag or backpack 

2. Purchase/donate items from one of list options and donate items from one of  list options and be sure to label bag with your choice 

3. Include a note of encouragement reminding each foster child of God's love for them and encouraging them that they are loved and are precious! Return your items to ZCC Main Campus before Orphan Sunday on November 6th

4. Bags will be delivered to Miriam's Heart & Miriam's Heart will deliver to Hunterdon and Somerset County CPP


Questions? Connect with Suzanne Singer via email here (ZCC Main Campus) Ivonne Droz (ZCC Flemington Campus) 



Be sure to drop everything off on or before these dates!