This is Victor. Victor is one child that we are able to show you. So many other 'faceless' children come to our events, the light seemingly stolen from their eyes. Every child who has been adopted or in foster care has experienced trauma. The goal at each of our events is to remind children of their preciousness. If you see our founder greeting a small child or a teen, you'll often hear her telling them, 'You are precious'. It is in these small moments that the most important work of Miriam's Heart takes place. 

Miriam's Heart envisions a world where children grasp their preciousness and families are restored. Sometimes, this means supporting a family who has been torn apart by the foster care system and sometimes it means pressing into the lives of an adoptive family. It is most often done through the smallest acts of kindness; a cup of coffee, a stuffed diaper bag for a family receiving a child, a quiet conversation at our headquarters.  This is Miriam's Heart.