This is Jessika and her mom Judy. Jessika shared how her life was deeply impacted by a party just like the one we hosted this month for children and families.


At 18 months old her then foster mom Judy (now adoptive mom) came face to face with Jessika's biological brother at a party just like ours. He was in the care of another foster family. He told Judy that the baby she was caring for was his sister. Their older brother was also there and living with a third family! Because of a simple party, three siblings were able to make a connection and they continued to stay in touch to this day!


Jessika shared her story while volunteering at the party; and guess what? The same thing happened at our event in the lives of two boys separated by the system. They were able to come together to play and their families connected creating lasting memories and opportunities to stay connected!


Maybe you've volunteered for a simple gathering, donated toys, or written a check to give children a moment of joy this season. The kindness and generosity of strangers, volunteers, businesses and resource families to do little things makes a lifelong impact in ways we may never know. Creating a safe place to share your story and making connections for birth, foster and adoptive families; This is Miriam's Heart.