Sabrina S.


Miriam’s Heart has given me hope because they always support foster families and do so many outstanding things for children, teens, and adults. I remember when Miriam’s Heart had a birthday party for one of our foster teens named Natalie and she had never had a birthday party before so that was very special and important to her. Miriam’s Heart even sends care packages to us and that is so thoughtful. I love how much effort Miriam’s Heart puts in to keep foster kids, teens, and adults safe and to keep foster families happy. I just recently had a foster sibling and her name was Abby. She was so shy at first but then I kept on coming into her room and hanging out with her and we became best friends. We would play every day together and even when she left she still comes to our house every weekend. Abby is so important to me and I love being her foster sister. We do gymnastics at the same place every weekend too so we get to be with each other so often even though Abby doesn’t live with me anymore. Our friendship is unbreakable. Miriam’s Heart is so considerate to foster families and they help so many foster children daily. Miriam’s Heart has supported our family throughout having so many new foster siblings that make me basically have a huge family. That's how Miriam’s Heart has given my family hope and support to our family and other foster families.



Keanu C.

   My Name is Keanu and I felt in my heart I needed to write this. I am from Atlantic City and a lot of people ask how I ended up in Hillsborough? My only thoughts are, God has a plan for me.

 I've been in foster care for 9 years. I have been with many families, but never have I experienced a group like Miriam’s heart that my foster mom belongs to. In the three years that I have been with them I have been invited to multiple parties and fun family get togethers where I made new friends. I am definitely not the friendliest person, yet somehow people that we have gathered with have made me feel welcome. I remember specifically one event that Miriam’s heart had where my foster mother brought me to pick out clothes. My foster mom has many kids to shop for and one of the ladies that where there took time to help me select some clothes. She seemed as happy shopping for me as she would if she was shopping for herself. My foster mom said she didn’t think I was gonna pick out anything on my own and yet with the help of this lady I had a whole bag of clothes. I'm not a very good writer but when I was told about this I  felt it was my opportunity to give back and say thank you. I am grateful for the family that I live with and for the people in my life that make me want to do better for myself. My face might not always show it but my heart does feel it. The memories I have are ones that will stay with me no matter where I end up.

Luke C.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 7.03.51 AM.png

Miriam’s Heart is the best-recommended organization to adopt a child. My parents had adopted me through Miriam’s Heart and I’m so pleased that they did. The organization had given me a future life & hope that would be impossible without them. If I hadn't gotten adopted through them, I wouldn’t think I’ll have a future life because of how much medical care was needed for me. No parents would want to adopt me due to how much it would cost for my medical, but Miriam’s Heart had found a family that would risk their life to provide care for me. The organization gives me hope for my future life. They told my parents what to do and who is the best surgeon they should get for my clefts. In my opinion, surgeons are the most important part of adopting me because I was born with cleft palate and lip. If they have never found the right surgeon, I wouldn’t be here where I am right now and the improvement would not have a big change. It wouldn’t be good without the Miriam’s Heart helpers. They are the main reason why I am here because they have changed my whole life and provide the care that I needed. The hope that they have given me is happiness and feeling confident that I will have a better future life. Miriam’s Heart would provide the families with their struggles, paperwork, and find help for the child that is needed.

Victor O.


Miriam Heart has helped me by providing my needs so I can feel like I am not getting worse with my feelings, and I see that I can change the ways of my feelings now. I had trouble, but when I go to Miriam's  Heart, it makes me feel like there's no noise and at peace. Miriam's Heart events help me as well because we can talk in a group without getting judged for what you've got to say about your feelings. That's why I think I can belong there with no one making fun of anybody and no fighting. I can relax, knowing everything is getting better in my life, and I am getting the support I need to achieve my life goals. I realize that a lot of people have the same problems as I do, and they were adopted too. 


I can see that Miriam's Heart helped me come home from Korea.  Now I have a family that loves and cares about me and will support my needs.  I am hopeful now that I have the tools I need to calm down when I get pumped up. I have a purpose in my life, and am excited about my path. I know that I have friends and family that want to support me and want me to do the best I can without getting angry, and I like how that feels inside. That brings me hope.

















Abigail H.

I am the oldest of five kids and my youngest two siblings are from China. On our second adoption, my mom and I traveled to get my little brother, Luke. When we finally met him after months of hard paperwork and prayer, he was just a shell of a boy who never smiled. I watched the precious child that I had prayed for grieve the loss of the life he once knew. He cried randomly throughout the day, never smiled, and even stopped drinking water. I cried every night watching him struggle, however, God answered my prayers once we arrived home. He is now the happiest kid I know, just looking at him makes my eyes glassy to think how God transformed his life. It gives me so much joy and hope, knowing that Miriam’s Heart is helping bring kids like my little brother home to families who will love and cherish them. Through Miriam’s Heart, I have seen families grow in their relationships through training, a couple adopt a child in an impossible situation, and kids feeling comfortable in the safe environment Miriam’s Heart provides. Miriam’s Heart is an incredible organization that brings James 1:27 to life, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” Thank you Miriam’s Heart, for all the lives you are changing, and for constantly reminding the people around you that, “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37. 

Veronica C.

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Hope has many different meanings to many people. When I was in Colombia, I always hoped that I would have a permanent family. For all of my life I spent my entire life in a foster home, but they taught me the importance of having a family and that love is the only thing we need in life. They taught me how to solve a problem in the best honest way. No matter what happens we can always count on them. I always dream of being adopted with love and support. Soon enough I lost hope that I wouldn't get adopted and that it would never happen to me because I was getting older and it was hard to find a family that wanted an older kid. One day, I found out that I was coming to the United States in June 2018. There was still a hope of me getting adopted and that a family was interested in meeting me. It gave me happiness and love when I heard the news. I am so thankful for Miriam’s Heart for helping me to find a family, and without them none of this that I have right now would not be happening. Miriam’s Heart is a great organization because they help foster kids that are in the system that need a family. I truly recommend this organization in case you want to adopt a kid. They're going to help you with the process of that adoption paperwork. They provide emotional support, adoption guidance etc.   

Charles W. 

IMG_0171 - Charles Whittlesey.jpg

My name is Charles, my whole life I wanted to be a big brother. I have two older sisters and three older brothers. My family is made up of birth, adoption, and foster. My wish was granted through foster care and adoption. I finally became a big brother! Since I was four years old, I told my parents that “God made me so I could be a big brother” I am now no longer the youngest child! When my little brother came to stay with us, he was only one year old. I grew very attached to him quickly. He was always happy to see me and I loved playing with him. It was very different than having a child my age or older. I have always wanted to have someone to teach new things to and have them look up to me. It hasn’t always been easy being a birth child no less the youngest. I have learned so much from all the different kids that have stayed with us. I feel that it has made me a better and more understanding person. I feel so blessed to be a part of God’s work in healing hearts and minds. Being a part of Miriam’s Heart has been a huge blessing to our family by introducing us to other families, that are like us. We all enjoy the fun parties and surprise treat boxes in the mail, but I think the most important part is the friends that we have made. 

Lily O.

   Miriam’s heart has given me hope when I need somebody to talk to that is not my family. Miriam’s heart is a really good place when you have to talk about something heavy on your heart. Like when  I was in a bad time when Josiah, my best friend left me and had to go back home. I felt sad and alone so I went to this group and talked about it and I felt so much better. Miriam’s heart is not only a place to talk about how you feel but Miriam's heart is also a place where you can go if you want to foster or adopt. Miriam’s heart can bring you closer to people that you never knew. Miriam's heart is like a family to me when Josiah left the family because he had to go back home. I thought what am I gonna do now but my mom started to sign me up for things with Miriam's heart to talk about how I feel after I felt so much better. Miriam’s heart helped me in different ways and I am so thankful for Miriam’s. Miriam’s heart helped bring me home from South Korea and come to my new family in the US. I am so grateful. Miriam’s heart also helped bring home my brother from South Korea too but we had to fly and I WENT TO I never thought I was gonna see the country I was born in until Miriam’s heart brought home my brother. Miriam’s heart is somewhere where you can let out all the emotions that are pushed in you.