What are the dates and details of the collection and sponsorship?

In partnership with Thirty-One Gifts, Miriam's Heart is purchasing 100 diaper bags by raising $2500 in sponsorship! The sponsorship of bags will run from August-September 25th. You may easily sponsor a bag by clicking here. The collection of supplies will run from August-October. We will assemble the bags in late October/early November. 

How do I sponsor a bag? 

You sponsor a bag by making a tax-deductible donation of $35 (one bag), $50 (two bags) or $100 (four bags)! You can do that online at the sponsor a bag page or you can write a check to Miriam's Heart, Inc. and mail it to 120 Finderne Avenue, Suite 260, Bridgewater, NJ 08870. Miriam's Heart will purchase the bags from Thirty-One Gifts at a reduced amount and will collect items to stuff each bag. The bags will be delivered to NJDCPP for distribution. 

Can I make a donation in October? 

Yes! Donations received are tax-deductible and will go toward any outstanding costs of this project. If we are fully funded within this project, we will direct the funds where they are needed most. Rest assured; your donation will directly impact children and families. 

What are you collecting for the bags? 

Diapers, one-piece outfits/PJs, Onesies, changing pad, wipes, diaper cream/AD ointment, hand sanitizer/wipes, bottles, pacifiers, bibs, cloth diapers, receiving blankets, small toys, lotions/powder, nail clipper, first aid kit, tide to-go pens

Where do we bring our donations? 

You can drop them at any of our drop-off locations listed here.

What if I want to make a monetary donation?

Be sure to earmark your donation with 'diaper bag drive' and make checks payable to Miriam's Heart, Inc 120 Finderne Avenue, Suite 260, Bridgewater, NJ 08870. All monetary donations are tax-deductible.

What is Orphan Sunday?

On November 12th, we celebrate Orphan Sunday, a day when we partner with Christian Alliance for Orphans to celebrate a God who defends the fatherless, helps the helpless and stands in the gap for those who have been abandoned, neglected or abused. We call this day Orphan Sunday. In the past few years, Orphan Sunday has expanded into a new initiative that focuses on the crisis for hundreds of THOUSANDS of children here in America. This new initiative is called Stand Sunday. To learn more about how you can become involved in taking a stand on behalf of vulnerable children, visit Orphan Sunday website. 

How many children in NJ & NY are in foster care?

Currently there are over 7000 children in foster care in New Jersey and over 23,000 kids in foster care in New York.*

How can my church or group get involved?

You can spread the word about sponsorship within your small groups and congregation, have your children's ministry collect items and your teens assist us in assembling the bags. Churches can also sign-up to be a drop-off location easily by emailing Sandy@miriamsheart.org. Sandy Duck will coordinate getting a bin and flyers dropped off to your church and also with the collection of the items. 

How can I plug in to learn about future events?

You can join our mailing list simply by clicking here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @miriamsheartinc.

Do you have a flyer we can share? 

Yes! We have a flyer! Click here to share with your church or group!