A few years ago, we met Melissa Carrero, to learn more about the impact of trauma on speech and language. We were seeing trends of children who had endured losses having speech and language difficulty and challenges. Melissa began providing support and insight to families and soon joined the professional advisory team. Now Melissa and her entire family (including her husband and girls!) volunteer regularly to support adoptive and foster families. Melissa also provides ongoing expertise and offers advices and tangible solutions to parents, even assisting an adoptive family in Africa who otherwise would have been without speech and language therapy!

Whether serving food to families, offering insight to parents or providing games and crafts for kids, Melissa was open to using what she had to serve the children of Miriam's Heart! Her willingness to do the little things has greatly impacted many lives and created an opportunity to serve with her family! Providing holistic supports with compassionate professionals who use what they have to radically support children and families; This is Miriam's Heart.