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Infertility and Adoption Counseling Center

Counselors at the IAC Center are trained to help clients by using a unique lifelong short-term therapy model developed by IAC Center Director Joni Mantell, a recognized infertility and adoption specialist. Constructed from psychoanalytic, child development and adoption life cycle theories and research, this model successfully teaches people coping skills for dealing with the emotional and social issues related to infertility and adoption.

IAC Center Counselors work with people facing infertility and/or considering their family building options; pre-adoptive and adoptive parents; adopted children, teens and adults; and birth parents in groups, workshops and counseling sessions to resolve issues that may occur throughout the life cycle. The IAC Center recognizes the multiple perspectives and lifelong themes associated with building families through adoption and donor options.


Hannah's Prayer

Hannah's Prayer, a Christian support network for couples facing fertility challenges. Hannah's Prayer offers Christian support for fertility challenges, including infertility or the death of a baby at any time from conception through early infancy.

"...Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord...'I have been praying here out of my great anguish...'" ~ 1 Samuel 1:10, 16 (NIV)

Using the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1-2 as our encouragement,Hannah's Prayer attempts to help meet the emotional and spiritual needs of married couples experiencing fertility-related difficulties through prayer, understanding, friendship, shared information, and biblical counsel.



The Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program makes it possible for you to adopt embryos from couples who have completed their IVF treatments and have remaining embryos. These embryos are currently stored in fertility clinics and are waiting to be adopted into loving homes.  The Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program is a program of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) adoption agency, licensed by the states of California and South Carolina to provide adoption services, and is Hague Accredited through COA.


Jeremiah2911 Ministry

Miriam's Heart desires to stand with families who are struggling with infertility. Our desire is to support, mentor and pray with couples seeking out God's plan for their lives. If you have infertility concerns or would like to speak with other couples who have journeyed through the disappoints of trying to conceive and the sorrow of miscarriage, contact us to learn more.


Envisioning a world where children grasp their preciousness and families are restored, New Jersey based, Miriam's Heart is more than just an adoption ministry. We radically support adopted and foster children and families. #TAKEACTION


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