Leadership Team

Miriam's Heart is supported entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers

Suzanne Singer

Administrative Specialist

Joi Fisher-Griffin

Adult Adoptee & Survivors Team Coordinator

Heather L. Janci

Assistant Director of Advocacy

Maria Connolly

Assistant Director of Advocacy

Pamela (Nana Pam) Epps

Care Portal Liaison

Elizabeth Occhipinti

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Jessica Pratt

Coordinator - Administration

Anna Mui

Coordinator - Volunteers

Jessica Sauer, Esq.

Director of Advocacy and Grants

Ivonne Droz

Director of Family Support

Sarah Fulton

Director of Finance

Sandy Duck

Director of Programs & Operations

Chris Mills

External Data Consultant

Traci Bethea

Fitness & Wellness

Sophie Ruta


Julia Flood


Catherine 'Cat' Gutierrez


Allison Highton

Parent Trainer & Mentor

Rebekah Mindrebo

Parent Trainer & Mentor

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors