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Occupational Therapy & Pet Therapy

Valerie Pena and Zoey

Occupational Therapy & Pet Therapy

Valerie Pena is a registered, licensed Occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience in her profession. Her areas of expertise include evaluation and treatment of traumatic hand injuries, developmental disabilities and sensory processing disorders. Valerie has worked in various settings, including hospitals, schools, private practice and long-term care centers. She is certified in the state of NJ to administer modalities, such as TENS, therapeutic ultrasound e-stim and diathermy, and has completed several courses of study involving the therapeutic use of yoga and Pilates in the pediatric population. Valerie has developed multi-sensory programs that have been used successfully in school districts in NY and NJ. Valerie is also a wellness coach, and incorporates her knowledge of clean eating and exercise into her practice.

Valerie enjoys helping others develop improved quality of life and is looking forward to coming alongside adoptive and foster families to help them attain their goals. Valerie is a married mom of 3, and she and her family live in Middlesex County, NJ.

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