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Looking ahead

our strategic goals for 2022 and beyond

We believe that by networking together, we can expand our partnerships with agencies, churches, and the government for the most significant impact. We saw the immediate footprint of CarePortalNJ in just a few months in 2021! We want to expand this network and continue to meet the needs of children at risk by mobilizing support communities. Through our advocacy team, we will make the legislative and policy changes to promote children's rights to live safely in their homes and communities. We will look for trusted partners to bring insight and rally collaboration to change lives together!


To grow, we have to expand the foundational leadership of Miriam's Heart and bring fresh eyes, new skills, and relationships to the Board of Directors, leaders, and volunteers to continue our legacy of wise leadership and vision for Miriam's Heart.


We're laying a foundation for Symbibazo Center and planning to expand new programs to teens and tweens to help them to thrive and re-write their stories! In addition, we want to sustain existing programs and build on our success. The long-term goal is to develop a small business run by youth and interns, which will also eventually provide a stream of income for Miriam's Heart programming. 

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