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Mentoring, training and supporting families and creating and a sense of community for themselves and their children

Awarding grants to offset adoption and counseling costs

Training, education, counseling, mentoring and therapies offered to children and families.

Trauma-informed care/healing from the renowned Empowered to Connect and Tapestry team along with Texas Christian University - Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

Providing access to our abundant network of professionals, organizations, churches and volunteers

Developing and supporting ministries in area churches

Mentoring potential adoptive families to help them make the best choice possible

Offering TBRI focused education and Empowered to Connect Parent Training and Conferences

Providing one-on-one pre-adoption and post-adoption mentoring and support and offer the Adoption & Foster Care 101 Information Nights

Partnering with trusted Christian organizations to help make connections between families considering adoption and/or foster parenting; and the vast amount of resources & support available

Offering crisis pregnancy support through relationships with Crisis Pregnancy Centers and domestic Adoption Agencies

Raising awareness within the church of the plight of orphaned and abandoned children

Offering infertility support through one-on-one mentoring

Educating, recruiting & providing financial support to families wishing to bring a child into their homes via adoption and/or foster care


Providing fellowship, Blend gatherings, respite nights, seminars and growth groups for adoptive families and have a support network designed to assist adoptive families through the adoption process and post-placement to all of the Northeast.

Collaborating with churches and organizations to develop a coalition who partner together on behalf of the fatherless

Leading the Orphan Sunday initiative in the Northeast of the Christian Alliance for Orphans


Supporting and developing church-based initiatives in churches in the Northeast

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