We are an independent 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to advocating for children at risk by connecting their adoptive, foster, and biological families with radically effective support. 


Our name is inspired by the sister of Moses, the legendary leader of the ancient Hebrews, and the selfless way she advocated for her brother. Before he could lead millions of others out of great oppression, saving Moses himself required extraordinary action.  It was the compassion and care in Miriam’s heart that gave her the strength to watch over and advocate for her brother in dangerous circumstances, ensuring both his security in the arms of a daughter of Pharaoh and a way to keep him safely connected with his family. 


When a child is at risk, the need for everyone in that child's life to take action is crucial. Our organization is committed to the idea that it is only through a caring community that children and families can be restored. 


We advocate for children because we know that failures in the system can hurt as much as the issues they were designed to prevent. We mentor parents because we wish that someone would have taken the time to help teach us what they had learned. We push for better services because we know what it is like to try to help while overwhelmed by circumstances beyond our control. We create care packages to deliver tangible goods because we know what it is like to go without them. We facilitate therapeutic services because we know that the right perspective and support can make all the difference. 


Faith is as essential to our story as it was for Moses and his. Our board members are Christians who firmly believe that every child has tremendous value in the eyes of God. While originally started as a ministry operating out of the home and home church of our co-founders, Elizabeth & James Occhipinti, Miriam’s Heart has been an independent charity since 2013. However, connections with churches and people of faith is an undeniably significant part of who we are. It is our faith that compels us to help all people and families. We believe that the Christian faith requires us to love our neighbors, protect the fatherless, speak out against injustice, bind up the wounded, and to bring the lonely into families - to be a light in a hurting world; and we are doing that through our work here. 


Like our namesake, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty to advocate in the face of terrible circumstances, as we know that a divine plan is often hidden among mud and reeds.  

Questions? Connect with us at info@miriamsheart.org. We can’t do this alone, and you shouldn’t have to either.