Family Support Services

Since our creation, Miriam's Heart has provided radical support to children and families


Miriam's Heart is a grassroots group of individuals, professionals, and families. Many of whom have adopted or are foster parents. Do you want to learn more about adoption or foster care? Connect with us!


Developing CarePortal and CareCircle to allow Miriam’s Heart to serve as a neutral party to facilitate better communication between the state and the people in who already know and care about the children at risk., raising awareness of issues impacting child welfare, advocating both within the government for systemic change and within the system for caring people

Adoption Grants

We are the only fund focused on meeting the needs of adoptive families in the Northeast that offers support regardless of agency, church, organizational or other affiliation.

Child-centered play therapy

Play is the language of children and an important vehicle for their learning, healing and growth. Emily Yang is passionate about using play therapy to help children overcome past traumatic events and develop healthy attachment to their caregivers

In-Kind Assistance

Our vast network of churches, families and individuals often is able to rally to meet the needs of the children and families served by Miriam's Heart

Care Packages

Miriam's Heart sends adoptive and foster families care packages to help meet their needs and provide hope to vulnerable families and tools to strengthen families and build resilience in children

The Blend

A gathering of families blended by the blessing of adoption or foster care

Groups and Events

Groups and events designed by our leaders and professional advisory team to meet the needs of children and parents