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Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey


The Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey (CAANJ) is a non-partisan initiative of Miriam's Heart founded on the belief that children have a right to live safely in their homes and communities.

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Every child has the right to a safe and stable childhood. We believe that this right is no less important than parental rights. 


We emphasize the importance of rapid responses to child abuse, the development of best practices to accurately detect abuse, and the use of evidence-based practices to help minimize the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) like abuse and neglect. 

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We prioritize a child's right to permanency because secure attachment to safe, healthy, loving caregivers is the cornerstone of healthy development and life-long relational capacity. The permanency timelines codified in state and federal laws should be followed


We promote and encourage family-based solutions whenever possible to help children thrive. The best long-term environment for development is a safe, stable, nurturing, structured, permanent family. 

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CAANJ believes that laws and polices should prioritize the best interests of the child. We are committed to advocating for legislation and policies to help achieve this goal and to promote awareness about current issues. 

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Children do best when they are in families. Perpetuating cycles of abuse on children for the sake of keeping them in their biological family is not necessarily in their best interests. We need to make sure that children's needs will be provided for before returning them to their families. 


Children who have been adopted or placed into foster care experience Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and are at an increased risk of negative outcomes across all domains. Evidence-based practices should be followed to maximize access to protective factors and help children heal from (and overcome the impact of) these difficult experiences. 

We are currently trying to help establish an Office of Ombudsman for Children through bills pending in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly. 


Would you be willing to contact your elected representatives about the need for this office and consider signing our petition? 

Miriam’s Heart, the New Jersey CarePortal Network, and the Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey (CAANJ), serve diverse constituents, including government agencies, churches, businesses, schools, and other faith-based and secular organizations with a focus on helping to support children and families in crisis regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nationality, political leanings or any other reason that might otherwise be used to withhold help from those in need.

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