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May 6, 2023
6:35 pm


Diamond Sponsor


Each of these sponsors provided tickets for over seven families to attend the game for free!

Evangel Chapel
Somerset County DCF
Suraj Varma
Isaac & Beverly Blanco
Aiyana Wilkinson
Bill & Smita Moor
Don & Nancy LaGreca



Each one of these sponsors provided free tickets to three families!

Annie Hauser
Loumarc Signs
Rahway Dental Group
Charities Aid Foundation


Each of these sponsors sent two families to the game!

Zarephath Christian Church
Lois Westerfield
The Ladies of South Grosser Place


Each of these sponsors sent one family to the game!

Janine Kelly
Bill Grippo
Garrett & Janet Mulcahey
One Hope Foundation
Jon Boczar
Network for Good

Give kids who've lost everything, a win

All kids who were adopted or in foster care were traumatized. Together, we are combatting a problem both here in America and around the world. Worldwide, there are millions of orphans and unparented children, with thousands paper ready for adoption. Statewide, there are currently about 150,000 legal orphans in the United States and about 4000 foster children in New Jersey.


In response, Miriam's Heart was created to provide critical support for families to thrive, whether it is during a foster placement or a family making the lifelong commitment to a child to adopt. We provide support in and through that process by holistically meeting the needs of children and families. The Miriam's Heart Family Fun night at the Somerset Patriots allows children and teens to be celebrated in their communities, experience on-field wonderment and activities, and create memories with their families. This game gives kids who have faced a series of losses, a much needed 'win.'

Miriam's Heart hosts an annual fundraiser and opportunity for our children to shine each year! We offer FREE tickets to the Somerset Patriots game to adoptive and foster families, offer on-field experiences for former foster youth and adoptees and promote a time for children to feel the love and support of their community at the Somerset Patriots!

Since 2014, we host more than 600 guests, supporters, and friends for this annual event! And each year we SELL OUT!

Family Fun Night


How you can help?

Here is how you can help:

  • DIAMOND SPONSOR: $3000 Be the Diamond sponsor (there is only one), providing an opportunity for Miriam's Heart to gather in an intimate VIP environment with our top supporters. You'll have access to the suite and an opportunity to provide swag and marketing materials, and be honored in web, social media, and print materials. This unique networking opportunity will allow you to shine in an intimate setting, be shared with the event attendees (over 650 people!). This is limited to a MAX of two sponsors.

  • HOMERUN SPONSOR $1000 sends approximately seven families to the game;

  • TRIPLE SPONSOR: $500 sends approximately three families to the game;

  • DOUBLE SPONSOR: $200 sends approximately two families to the game;

  • SINGLE SPONSOR: $100 sends approximately one family to the game;

  • PURCHASE TICKETS: Purchase group tickets ($12) or regular tickets $14 you provide one child a free ticket to the game

Tickets can be purchased ONLINE. Donations can be mailed to “Miriam’s Heart, Inc.” 215 West Union Avenue, Bound Brook, NJ 08805. Please earmark your donation ‘baseball.’

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