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Joi Fisher-Griffin

Board of Directors

In addition to Adult Adoptee & Survivors Team Coordinator and serving on the Board of Directors, Joi Fisher-Griffin is an Educator, Entrepreneur, Author and Mother whose compassion, professionalism, and dedication have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered leader. As a youth advocate and education ambassador for the last two decades, she is intrinsically driven to help underprivileged communities, share valuable resources, and bring awareness to adoption sensitivity topics. In addition to her Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Joi holds various certificates, including Standard Principal, Standard Supervisor, Standard Elementary Teacher (K-8), and Eligibility for School Leaders Licensure. She is an educator at heart and has a passion for teaching and learning. Joi is the leader of the adoptee and survivors advisory team (ASA), spearheading healing and hope for adults who have overcome adversity.


Joi Fisher-Griffin
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