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CAANJ Leadership

The Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey is a non-partisan, 100% volunteer driven organization dedicating to helping ensure the safety and wellbeing of children involved in the New Jersey child welfare system. Drawing from experiences as legal and mental health professionals, caregivers, researchers, and/or survivors of childhood abuse and neglect, our volunteers work together to champion the rights of New Jersey children. 

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Joi Fisher-Griffin

Adult Adoptee & Survivors Team Coordinator

The Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey

Miriam's Heart Board Liaison


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Jessica Sauer, Esq.


The Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey

732.469.0194 (o)

201-779-0416 (c)

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Maria Connolly

Assistant Director 

The Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey


Heather Janci

Assistant Director

The Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey

732.469.0194  (o)

908.763.3267 (c)


Learn about our values

CAANJ believes that children have a right to live safely in their homes and communities

Connect with other survivors of 
childhood abuse & neglect

Join our Adoptee & Survivor team to connect with other adults who have overcome adversity.

Help a child you know


Know a child who is suffering from abuse and neglect (within or outside of the foster care system)?

We are currently trying to help establish an Office of Ombudsman for Children through bills pending in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly. 


In light of New Jersey's ongoing judicial shortage, we also support filing judicial vacancies to help ensure access to justice for New Jersey's children and Families. 


Please click on the button below to learn more about these issues and what you can do to help.

Miriam’s Heart, the New Jersey CarePortal Network, and the Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey (CAANJ), serve diverse constituents, including government agencies, churches, businesses, schools, and other faith-based and secular organizations with a focus on helping to support children and families in crisis regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nationality, political leanings or any other reason that might otherwise be used to withhold help from those in need.

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